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The Black Knee Chronicles

Volume 3

Aunt Ruth's Chronicle is interesting on a number of points, other than being a good record of many early family connections.

Firstly, it is the oldest record that I know of that mentions the family tradition of unusual heritage. Ruth Caldbeck (née Frazer), was a granddaughter of Archibald, and presumably named after after her grandmother, Ruth Cheadle. Aunt Ruth was probably born about 1800, after Archibald's death. Aunt Muriella was the youngest child of Robert Frazer II, who was married in 1838, so Muriella was presumably born in the 1850's. This chronicle can then be dated to about 1870.

Secondly, it shows how confused the family history was during the 1700's, with Ruth's memory of the brothers and sisters of Archibald being quite at odds with the later researches of Joseph and Wilson.

Both Sources suggest that there were six brothers and sisters, which are not easily explained by the various theories of Archibald's ancestry. In that time of warfare and great dislocation, it may be that they were siblings by adoption rather than by birth.

And thirdly it highlights how little we know about Achibald's ancestry. Even his granddaughter was not privy to the secret. None the less, we have this conviction that there is substance to our tradition ...

Chronicle of Aunt Ruth Calbeck

(as related by Aunt Muriella)

The Frazer's of Donacliggan, Queen's County

There came to Ireland six Frazers; three brothers, Archibald (handsome) Frank and Alick, they had three sisters who married gentlemen Jennings - Bull - Priestman.( 1 )

Archibald Frazer was married to Ruth Cheedle of Donacliggan. Frank never married, he lived in Nappa in the County Longford. Alick was also never married. Archibald had four children, two sons and two daughters. Their names were Joe and Robert and two daughters Anne and Mary who married. Anne to Mr Donwoodie a Revenue Officer. Mary married a Mr Pratt and had no children. Joe the elder son lived in Bleakfield King's County; he married a widow Dudley (who was a Miss Friend, daughter of Colonel Friend) they had no children. Robert the younger married Dora Sothern, daughter of Capt. Christopher Sothern I.V. and J.P. Clondarickmill Queens Co.

Ruth Cheedle had one brother who went abroad; and a sister who married a Mr Lemmon, Cloncykenny, Co. Tip. She had two sons and four daughters. The sons never married, one of them went abroad. Mary the eldest daughter married Mr Talbot of Coobawa, Co. Tip. and Bleakfield, Kings Co. ( 2 ). Sally the second sister married Mr Farrel of Mary Mount, Kings County ( 3 ). The third daughter Eliza wed Going of Breakstown Mill, Co. Tip. ( 4 ). Margaret the fourth wed Mr Burr of Nenagle, Co. Tip. ( 5 ).

Mrs Donwoodie had five sons and one daughter Ruth. Her sons' names were 1st John, 2nd James, 3rd William, 4th Joss and 5th Joe. The four former were officers in foreign service. All were unmarried excepting Joss and Joe. John died in Sicily, William died in Portugal. Joss married a Miss Babington of Dublin. And Joe married a Miss Ring of Dublin. Joss had no issue. Joe (the architect) had four children, Joss William Mary and Ann.

Capt. Sothern's father was Will Sothern who married an heiress Miss Ward. Capt. Sothern had five children, Dora Charles Dinah Eliza and John. Dora I have said. Charles married Ruth Donwoodie, Dinah married Mr Baily - Eliza Mr Meredith of Capa and Rairg Castle. John was Addie's father. Capt. Sothern married Margaret White daughter of Charlie White of Killadooley, Qheens Co. Charlie White married Dora Baily and had three sons and four daughters.

Aunt Ruth got tired and promised to finish it some day. Her grandmother Ruth Cheedle always said she would not tell her children who they were as it would make them unhappy. Another time she said that there was Royal blood in them..

Wilson's Notes

  1. v. Alexander's Will. The 'six Frazers' were evidently - Archibald, John, James, Alexander, Frank and Margaret. Aunt Ruth apparently knew nothing of John, James and Margaret (and indeed they came as a surprise when Alexander's will first came to light); and added three women, possibly connected with the family somewhere, or mere friends technically called 'aunts', to make up the 'six Frazers'. (Back)
  2. Thomas Talbot, m. 1800. (Back)
  3. Thomas Farrall, m. 1803. (Back)
  4. George Going, m. 1816. (Back)
  5. Mr Burr, m. 1817. (Back)


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