Areas of Expertise

Mechanical Design

  • Machine and mechanism design for special purposes.
  • Lubrication and surface treatment selection.
  • Gear design for non-standard requirements.
  • Mathematical modelling and computer simulation.
  • Design by simulation.

Power Hydraulic Systems and Components

  • Design and specification of special purpose or difficult systems.
  • Upgrading of unsatisfactory systems.
  • Component design for special functions not provided by standard equipment.
  • Operational and maintenance training and documentation.

Mining Machinery and Dredges

  • Design and specification of machines and systems.
  • Operational procedures.
  • Operational and maintenance training, and documentation.
  • Control design and specification.


  • Data Acquisition and analysis.
  • Theory formulation and evaluation.
  • In-house training of fault-finding techniques.
  • Upgrade specifications as required.
  • Technical dispute assistance.

Intellectual Property and Patents

  • Protection strategies.
  • Assistance in supporting arguments.
  • Portfolio management.

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