The Drover Transmission
I compiled this paper in 1982, and submitted it to the Institution of Engineers, Australia, in early 1983, a short time after Dick Ifield’s death.

Regretfully, I did not have the opportunity to be involved in the Drover project, only meeting the Ifields in 1966, four years after its demise.

I presented the paper partly as a tribute to a great engineer, but mostly because I believed that the development work was seminal to future requirements for improving fuel economy in a world faced with finite hydrocarbon resources.

I am still an advocate for hydrostatic vehicle transmissions, and still consider this work to be of great significance, so present the paper again in the attached pdf file. This electronic version is drawn from the original text and diagrams; the published version is available as a photocopy from IEAust as paper M1192.

Dick’s son Frank presents a site commemorating his life and achievements,

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