Brief CV for Hugh Frazer

The Bare Facts

Residence - Mid-North Coast, NSW, Australia
Born - London, England, 1942
Nationality - Australian and British
Secondary Education - Lancing College, Sussex, UK
Tertiary Education - City and Guilds College, London University, UK
Qualification gained - B.Sc[Eng] (Hons)
Other Letters - ACGI, MIEAust, CPEng
UNSW Extension Course on Patents


1966 - Noyes Bros - Design and development of coal mining equipment (the Hydrocar shuttle car) under Chief Engineer, Charles Deamer.
1967 - South Pacific Engineering, part of the Tutt Bryant, Pacific Ace group - design of construction equipment under John Savage.
1968/86 - Ifield Engineering - Design, development, troubleshooting and maintenance of hydraulic components and systems marine, mining and industrial. Initially under the direction of R.J. Ifield, becoming chief engineer in 1979.
1986 Onwards - Independent mechanical engineer.

Major projects 1986 to 2008

1986 - Design and development of hydraulic/mechanical transmission for military tracked vehicles.
1986 - Hydraulic system upgrade to mining dredge in Florida, USA.
1987/94 - Design and development of new type of mineral processing mill, including studies of hertzian bearing arrangements, special radial hydraulic pump, test rig etc.
1987 - Design of 25 tonne hydraulic workshop hoist for mining vehicles.
1987/88 - Mechanical and hydraulic upgrades to mining dredges in NSW.
1988 - Special design of forks for large articulated loader for picking up prunings in NSW nut plantation.
1989/92 – Extrusion presses in VIC, hydraulic system overhauls and upgrades. 
1990/91 - Medium size mining dredge in WA, hull extension for spuds, mechanical and control upgrade.
1991 - Upgrade specification and operation and training assistance for mining dredge in NSW.
1991/92 – Design of pump valve timing for quieter operation of Estuary Minehunters for Australian DoD. 
1991/97 - Large mining dredge in WA, detailed performance analysis and extensive mechanical and hydraulic upgrade, cutter design for improved production, training.
1992/2004 – Design and development of advanced technology hydraulic pumps and motors in UK and USA.
1993/98 – Assist in the development of ultra high speed forging press technology in NSW.
1994/ongoing – As expert witness in commercial disputes and court cases.
1994 – Dispute over hydraulic system on auger drill in NSW, by plaintiff, resolved.
1994 – As Referee in NSW Supreme Court, hearing and report, crane fall-over in NSW, report accepted.
1995/ongoing – Development of IEAust award winning remote operated sea bed coring drill in NSW.
1995 – Dispute over winch system on fishing trawler in TAS, by plaintiff, evidence given in court.
1995 – Dispute over hydraulic system on lock gates in NT, by defendant, resolved.
1996 – Dispute over dredge capsize in QLD, by defendant, settled.
1998 – Dispute over hydraulic system on forming press in NSW, by defendant, resolved.
1999/2000 – Development of silent hydraulic propulsion system for Minehunters for Australian Navy.
2000/04 – Development of innovative hydro-pneumatic energy storage for motor vehicles in UK and USA.
2000/ongoing – Development of low noise hydraulic pumps and motors.
2001/2004 – Design and operation of over-boarding systems for off-shore equipment deployment.
2002/05 – Engineering assistance in the development of small davits and cranes for prestige water craft.
2002 – Draft expert report for hydraulic press in WA, by plaintiff, settled.
2003/04 – Assistance in hydraulic systems and operation planning to mining dredges in Queensland.
2004/05 – Engineering review of Naval ROV to improve availability and reliability.
2004 – Acted as Court Appointed Expert,  Federal NSW,  concerning excavator hydraulic system, settled.
2004/07 – Investigation of hydraulic failures on Navy vessel.
2004 – Expert report on failure of hydraulic pumps for crusher.
2006/ongoing – Assistance in the development of hydraulically driven large flow and high pressure water pumping systems.

Patents, Papers and Awards

US 4,540,345 "Precompression Valve for Hydraulic Pumps"
US 4,540,221 "Self Regulating Hydrostatic Pad Bearings"
US 5,076,377 "Steering System for vehicles"
US 6,394,192 "Methods for Seabed Piston Coring" and international
 US 7,107,767 "Hydraulic Energy Storage Systems" and international
 US 2004/0050042 A1 "Emergency energy release for hydraulic energy                             storage systems" and international

"Non-Flammable Fluids in NSW Underground Coal Mines", IEAust Vol ME5 #1, 1980.
"Hydraulic Failures in Coal Mining", Australian Coal Miner, August, 1980.
"The Design of Pumps and Motors for High Water Based Fluids", Fluid Power Conference, Brisbane, May 1983.
"Broader Horizons with High Efficiency Pumps and Motors", National Conference on Fluid Power, Los Angeles, December 1983.
"The Drover Transmission", IEAust Paper M1192, 1985.
"The Portable Remotely Operated Drill", Peter J.Davies, M.Williamson, H.Frazer and J.Carter, APPEA 2000.
"Minehunting Propulsion System: Enhancement of Silent Running", G. Barbieri, D. Harrison, H. Frazer, Undersea Defence Technology Europe 2002, La Spezia, June 18-20th, 2002.

George Julius Medal by the Institution of Engineers, Aust, in 1988 for the best technical paper.
Lead Engineer and Designer – winner of Australian Engineering Excellence Award 2000 by IEAust to Benthic GeoTech for "Portable Remotely Operated Drill", also Sydney Division Bradfield Award.
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