Nasty things . . .

Computers are cantankerous, awkward and touchy devices that lead to huge frustrations when they do not function properly, but how else can one do calculations in a few hours that would otherwise take weeks, not to mention all the other things such as graphs and reports that can be done much more quickly and easily - and better.

As you would expect, this booklet was entirely put together and printed on my desktop computer. The thumbnail drawings are all from working files.

Data Acquisition and Analysis

 As an example, the trend analysis of the big dredge, see article on Dredging, was carried out using data acquisition and analysis techniques. During the trial period, about 10 million data points were recorded, massaged, charted and put into trends of various kinds. This huge amount of data did play a big part in finding the solution - at least in showing when we had not found the answer. Sometimes there is no easy way, and the numbers just have to be crunched.

Trend analysis of mining dredge

Trend Analysis of Mining Dredge

pressure trace of hydraulic pump
Pressure Trace of a Hydraulic Pump

Design by Simulation

The ability to model real life situations, if only with approximations, has the potential to leap-frog a large number of trials and prototypes, often leading to first answers that are within fine tuning distance of the required solution. This is certainly another area, like calculations and CAD, where computers change the methodology and cost of design and development.

Design by simulation is the most effective way to cut down on prototyping and development cost and time. It is always expensive, but often very good value.

 Design by simulation
Simulation of a Hydraulic Cushion System for High Speed Forging
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