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The Black Knee Chronicles

Volume 6

Research by Wilson Frazer, c 1930

Alexander Frazer, Trooper

(For the grounds for identifying Alexander Frazer of Nappagh with Alexander Frazer of the 1st Regiment of Horse, see the introductory note to John Frazer)
According to the inspection returns Alexander was born in 1721-1722, and joined the 1st Regiment of Horse in 1740. In 1774 he was a corporal in Maj-Gen. James Johnston's troop. He is shewn as Irish in nationality (cf. John Frazer ). According to the musters he was "on command" at 31 December 1778, and from 31 March 1781 to 30 September 1781 was "on command in England". On 31 December 1781, when stationed at Athlone, he was on furlough. Up to 30 September 1783 he is still shown as corporal, but on 31 December of that year he is entered as Quartermaster, his warrant, however, dating from 10 December 1782. He continued as Q-M without any incident being recorded until 4 November 1794, when he retired while the Regiment was at Coventry on its way to France.

Alexander was evidently well known at Dunnacliggan and his memory survived. On his retirement he appears to have gone to live at Nappagh, a locality near Ardagh in County Longford. From the effects left by his will it would seem that he was a lodger rather than a householder. If, as stated by Aunt Ruth, brother Francis also lived at Nappagh, it is possible that Alexander lived with him. Apparently Alexander had lent Francis money. The "nephew John Trimble" who is made executor of Alexander's will, is something of a mysterious character. According to the family tradition he was an illegitimate son of Alexander, but perhaps Francis was his father. The story goes that when Alexander died, the Frazers of Dunnacligganwere very indignant at the terms of the will and made some attempt to dispute it. John Trimble appears, however, to have got away with it.

In 1760 there was a John Trimble (1) in the 3rd Regiment of Horse also serving in Ireland, and possibly it was a sister of his who was the mother of John, Alexander's "nephew". In the County Longford returns for the General Valuation of Ireland 1854 there is a John Trimble shewn as occupier of a house and garden in the townland of Aghintemple which adjoins Nappagh. This is probably Alexander's “nephew"; and a Thomas Trimble and Alexander Trimble, shewn as living in the townlands of Lismagoneen and Sheeroe respectively in the same lists, are probably the persons of these names mentioned in Alexander's will. Alexander died apparently in the latter part of 1810.

(1) Handwritten note: This John Trimble continued in the Regiment until the quarter ending 31 December 1774 when he was “discharged and recommended”.

The following is an extract for the Irish succession book (W.O 25. 231):-

Jos. Clarke appointed 20 Jan. 1777, promoted M.R Oct. ’81
Succeeded by James Nothange 1 Sept. 1781, died Dec. ’82
pma Alex. Frazer, 10 Dec. ‘82


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