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The Black Knee Chronicles

Volume 4


by Hugh Frazer

My apologies to all for the delay of some three years between the last Chronicle and this. In the meantime, we had a wonderful family reunion last year at Deryk and Ann's house in Kent, where we had the opportunity to put faces to names. And another reunion coming up this August. Please come if you can.

Busy times raising a family and running a business, with some difficulty in putting this one together, being an attempt to introduce some perspective of the complex human element of our family traditions.

Firstly, the rather poignant story of Nelly Fitzpatrick, extracted from Wilson's notes by Deryk Frazer.

Secondly, a contribution from Ian Frazer, who corrects my clumsy and incorrect translation of the letter from the Marquise de la Frézelière to Simon Lovat (BK3) and adds some interpretations of his own.

And thirdly, perhaps unwisely, a somewhat salacious extract from a supposed "Memoires" of Simon Lovat, published during the publicity of his trial for treason after the '45. Discussion follows the extract.


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