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The Black Knee Chronicles

Volume 2


by Hugh Frazer

The second Black Knee Chronicle continues with extracts of Wilson Frazer's notes on his and his brother Joe's lifetime of researches into the family traditions. The notes are less finished than those used in the first Chronicle, but I have not tried to arrange them, desiring to leave their original flavour.

Also some tradition from Deryk Frazer, and some news of a new book by Oliver Frazer. The promise of Aunt Ruth's Chronicle will have to wait for Chronicle 3.

Perhaps now is a good time to answer the question of the motivation behind the Chronicles. Part of the motivation is to learn more about our family; how is it that knowledge of one's heritage gives more depth to one's life? The other main motivation is a desire to find out more of the truth about our traditions; perhaps even resolve the questions that they raise; perhaps lead to an end of our self-imposed exile, if that is not too strongly put.

To my mind, the best way to find more of the truth is through making the story as public as possible. If there is knowledge to be gained, it will be well tucked away, and the greater the number of people who know of our quest, and perhaps find it a little fascinating, the greater are our chances of finding it.

For this reason, I have gone to the trouble of making the Chronicles reasonably attractive, and in a format that is readily photocopied, using both sides of standard A4 paper, folded into a booklet.

If any reader should feel the desire to help in spreading the story, please feel free to make as many copies as you wish and send them to whoever you wish, providing that the title block and address remain to assist in further contact. Or send me the name and address, so that I can send a copy of the Chronicles.

If any of you come across a spare telephone directory of any place in the world, please look for Frazer's with a z, and if there are any, tear out the page, or photocopy it, and send it to me. I consider that we would be lucky to get a useful reply from one in two or three hundred contacts.

I have sent a copy of the first Chronicle to Lord Lovat, asking for whatever assistance he might offer, with no reply to date, so it can be fairly said that the courtesies have been met.


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