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The Black Knee Chronicles

Volume 1

The Letters of Sir John Maclean

From the British Museum


My Deare Dole Don

Craig was arryved and gone to The Queen or I gott your letter But I waiyted till he came out he told me he hade given her ane acount(sic) of all and that she told him not to speake of it to any bodye but wayte our answer and if it succeeded it would be tyme enough to acauant(sic) Ber.or any else The Goodwife longs for your return and so does your wife far removed to ane other familye for the (? she) disturbed was (? is) too much Adieu my deare Bod in duil ain lone(? love ?) ( 1 ) my service to my honest Siqar(? Siqan,? Sigar,? Sigan, or ? Sigar ?) ( 2 )

The King of France is mightily down in the mouth about the Ships being burnt. They are afraid for Strasbourg, for Prince Louis is come over the Rhyne and there is almost no garrison in Strasbourg and the Burgars inclined to the Germanes,

La in donis re ( 3 ) Vinistrie


For the mighty Impotent Dole Don ambassadeur Extraordinair of the Divilish Cantons of Isigal ( 4 ) and The friyed Zone at his Lodgings in the little door of pimp allays in Ballemere R1 ( 5 ) in (?nr ?ni) frank.


3 of the clock in ecpediction (? ecpedation, or depectation? from "depesche" meaning to despatch) of the script

I gave your letter tho P.was taken up with a man in his closett and hade not tyme to read it then yet I wayted on him att dinner and on sight he wrotte the inclosed which I send you The knight telles you the rest in his letter My wife is your humble and your wife has decamped to her former Lodgeing with fire and sword before I came from Paris

My deare I am yours and your hires to all eternity or God confound me.



The noble potent and Impotent peer Mackimie bod in duil na heru(hein? ?heir) ( 6 ) en balemeur re ( 7 ) ni Frank


  1. Bod in duil ain (?air) lone - Cock expecting a meal (Back)
  2. Sigar? (Back)
  3. La in donis re Vinistrie - a day in the vile strict Vinistrie (Back)
  4. Isigal? (Back)
  5. Ballemere Rue (cf (3) above and (2) of F59) (Back)
  6. Bod in duil na heru - cock expecting an heir (Back)
  7. Balameur re - Ballemere Rue (Back)


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