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The Black Knee Chronicles

Volume 1 


by Hugh Frazer

This publication started off as a simple desire to transcribe some of the notes on the family traditions written by Wilson Ray Frazer, my grandfather. This material came my way from Peter Frazer, a second cousin living in London, who had several cardboard boxes of notes and references from Wilson stored in his attic. I took some of the more recent notes with me back to Australia, intending to quickly put something together to send around the family. However, a review of the size of the task suggests that it would realistically take some years and end up being a substantial book. It seems more sensible to publish the material piecemeal, so that others may become involved as soon as possible.

The name of this publication is a piece of Gaelic whimsy, described further in the postscript.

The family tree attached shows many of the descendants of Archibald Frazer of Dunnacleggan, whose parentage is at this stage unproven. This volume features the first part of Wilson's notes, introducing the family tradition that Archibald was a lineal descendant of the Fraser's of Lovat.

These notes were probably written in 1961, shortly before his death in 1963; presumably intended to be a complete summary of his life's study of the family history. No doubt due to deteriorating health, this summary was never completed, and the rest of the story will have to be extracted from several versions of preliminary notes.

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