DNA Explore
Two things that have altered the landscape since my grandfather’s time are the internet and DNA testing. I sent in my cheek scrape to Family Tree DNA for a Y-DNA111, being the best for exploring male lineage. In overview it appeared that I am not closely related to anyone on the accessible databases, which is consistent with the story of exile. But then those on the accessible databases are a minuscule proportion of the total population, and then predominantly from the USA. There are also those who choose to maintain privacy regarding their DNA, for whatever reasons, whereas I have chosen to make mine public in the hope of finding more information:
I also wanted to explore the obvious - that we may be related to other Frazer’s in Ireland, mostly from further north, around Roscommon. The results indicate that there is no close relationship, again consistent with the story of an exile coming to Ireland on his own.
Then Robert Frazer, a fifth cousin, also had his tested, and that showed that we are closely related, being my only close DNA relation on record. We share an ancestor five generations back, being a grandson of Archie, so this gives some veracity to our family tree.
If Simon the Fox is our ancestor, he is eight generations back, and, as far as is known, has no other surviving male line descendants. There is a tantalising possibility that the headless corpse at the Wardlaw Mausoleum is that of Simon, and there is a faint possibility that some DNA may be extracted from his remains:
If this does not work out, the next nearest male line of descent is through the Strichen lineage, Lord Lovat’s, with a common ancestor 14 generations back, Alexander Fraser, 4th Lord Lovat, 1527 - 1557. The next nearest that I know of is the Saltoun lineage, Chief’s of the Fraser name, being 21 generations back to Sir Andrew Fraser of Touch Fraser, 1224 - 1308. There may well be other lineages between 14 and 21, but not easy to find.